The ExaMAX® connector system is designed to enable superior 25 Gb/s electrical performance and provide a path to 40 Gb/s in anticipation of further increases in bandwidth requirements and the data rates used for high speed signaling.

ExaMAX® connectors feature a revolutionary beam-on-beam contact interface that minimizes the residual stub for improved signal integrity performance compared to typical blade-on-beam contact structures and provides exceptionally low mating force while maintaining excellent contact normal force.

Protected mating interfaces for both backplane and daughter card connectors also eliminates the exposed header pin field on the backplane, which can be susceptible to damage. Each signal wafer incorporates an innovative one-piece, embossed ground structure to improve crosstalk performance through 40 Gb/s. The simple, functional design contributes to a very cost-effective solution.

The ExaMAX® Orthogonal solutions provide up to 72 differential pairs per node. Both midplane and direct orthogonal versions are offered. The direct orthogonal provides both superior electrical performance and reduced cost, permitting front to rear cooling systems common in data center applications.

Target Markets/Applications


  • Hubs, switches, routers
  • Optical Transport
  • Wireless Infrastructure

Test Equipment


  • Servers
  • External Storage Systems
  • Supercomputers

Emulation Equipment

Features & Benefits

The ExaMAX® Product Platform is the newest industry benchmark for delivering High Speed Backplane, Mezzanine
and IO interconnect performance scalable from 25Gb/s up to 40Gb/s signal speed at the lowest applied cost.

Revolutionary Beam on Beam Contact Interface

The ExaMAX® mating interface utilizes a unique new beam-on-beam contact structure that creates 2 reliable points of contacts at all times and meets the requirements established in the Telcordia GR-1217 CORE specification.

The signal and ground contacts in this unique design are mirrored images of each other with each flexible beam making contact with its respective counterpart. They each exhibit similar force profiles as a function of mating insertion depth, resulting in a low mating force design with a consistent and reliable normal force.

The two points of contacts are maintained throughout the mating process and even when the connectors are subjected to angled mating conditions. Consequently the electrical stub-length remains very small at all times.


Connector Board Footprint Engineered for
Maximum Density and Signal Integrity Performance

The ExaMAX® connector footprint design was optimized for minimal impedance discontinuity and crosstalk to allow for connector operation at both 25Gb/s and 40Gb/s respectively.

Differential pair through-holes within column are separated by larger ground through-holes to reduce intra-column crosstalk.

For 40Gb/s, a larger column spacing is used to allow for stitched ground via’s surrounding each differential pair that suppresses crosstalk within the footprint between adjacent column pairs resulting in a larger signal bandwidth.

Very short signal press-fit contacts and backdrilled through-holes are used to reduce the electrical stub within the footprint to enhance signal integrity performance. The connector is designed with a standard press fit dimension that does not required high aspect ratio drilling or plating which can result in a higher applied cost.

User Design Flexibility

ExaMAX® connectors will be available in various column pitches allowing the designer to optimize card slot density or minimize board layer count for designs performing at 25Gb/s signal pair while also providing a path for maximum performance on high bandwidth, 40Gb/s per differential pair designs.

Robust Connector with No Exposed Pins

Fully protected terminals on both the daughter card and backplane connectors provide a robust connector system eliminating the risk and need to replace connectors due to bent or damage pins or blades resulting from contact stubbing during mating.

ExaMAX® Meets OIF-25G-LR Specification

HIgh density 2mm column pitch performs and exceeds the requirements of the latest 25 Gbps standards including the OIF 25-G-LR specification.

Technical Information

  • Contacts: High performance copper alloy
  • Plating(s): Performance based plating at separable interface (Telecordia GR-1217 CORE) tin over nickel on press-fit tails
  • Housings: High temperature thermoplastic, UL94V-0
  • Contact resistance: <10mohm change from initial reading after environmental exposure
  • Current rating (with <30°C temperature rise above ambient): signal contact: 0.5A/contact .Both signal and ground contacts can carry current
  • Telcordia GR -1217-CORE Central Office qualification
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to +85°C completed
  • Long mating wipe of > 2mm. X and Y capture a generous +/-1.4mm. Mating force: 0.36 N max. per contact.
  • Unmating force: 0.12 N min. per contact
  • Average press-fit insertion force: 15 N maximum per contact
  • Product specification: GS-12-1096
  • Application specification: GS-20-0361
  • See graphs below for IL and power-summed Crosstalk. Impedance is tuned to 92 ohms, making ExaMAX® and ExaMEZZ™ connectors suitable for both 85 and 100 ohm systems. Test reports are available showing performance in both 85 and 100 ohm environments
  • OIF Specification: OIF-CDI-25G-LR

Excellent Signal Integrity Performance

Thanks to the unique stub-less contact interface, balanced differential pairs and an optimized overmolded structure, based on FCI’s unique "wave" ground plane, the product provides a smooth, very well controlled impedance signal, with very low crosstalk throughout the connector over the entire 20Ghz bandwidth.

Product Family

ExaMAX® connector platform

The ExaMAX® connector platform is now tooled in many configurations including:

Backplane Connectors
  • 2 pair
  • 3 pair
  • 4 pair
  • 6 pair
Mezzanine Connectors
  • 2 pair
  • 4 pair
Direct Mate Orthogonal
  • 6x8
  • 6x12

Copper IO for internal and external cabling

ExaMAX® Connector Mating Interface

Hermaphroditic mating interface provides a stubless electrical contact but also allows easy proliferation of the interconnect system. Similar Insert Molded Leadframe Assemblies (IMLAs) are used for all of the variants. Each beam is fully protected by plastic walls on 3 sides, making a very robust connector. Gender is determined by the plastic mating features.

ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors (DMO)

Enables backplane-free chassis architecture for easy and efficient front-to-rear cooling designs. 50% reduction in chassis volume compared to traditional backplane or midplane designs requiring fans and plenums, enabling the end user to fit more function in less data center rack space.

Orthogonal architecture improves SI by shortening signal path length and eliminating mating connectors. The direct orthogonal improves it even more by eliminating the backplane connectors completely.

Lower cost than midplane architecture by eliminating the midplane and midplane connectors. The user only buys the connectors for boards needed today. DMO architecture enables field upgrade to future interconnect without changing the chassis.

Available in 6x8 and 6x12 pair today.

ExaMEZZ™ Connectors

Same beam-on-beam design as ExaMAX connectors reduce mating forces and provide superior signal integrity

Hermaphroditic plastic mates to itself for quicker roll out of stack height variants

Family is 2 pair and 4 pair from 15 mm up to 45 mm stack height , up to 25 IMLAs long , up to 100 25Gbps signal pairs

1 single ended contact per IMLA for low speed signals at no cost

ExaMezz 2 pair   ExaMezz 4 pair
  Available Stack Heights    

Available Stack Heights


Plug Heights (mm)


Plug Heights (mm)


Heights (mm)

  7.5 19.5 22.5  


Heights (mm)



7.5 15 27 30   19.5 39
19.5 27 39 42      
22.5 30 42 45      


ExaMAX® Dual Receptacle Mating Beams

ExaMAX® Connectors Mating and Unmating at Various Angles

Part Numbers & Customer Drawings

Standard Daughtercard Right Angle Receptacles (RAR) with 2.0 mm column Pitch

Pairs Columns

Diff Pairs


Differential Impedance

No Guide

Right Guide

Left Guide

2 6 12 10125053-101LF 10125053-11JLF 10125053-12JLF 92 Ohms
8 16 10128337-101LF 10128337-11JLF 10128337-12JLF
10 20 10128339-101LF 10128339-11JLF 10128339-12JLF
3 6 18 10128347-101LF 10128347-11JLF 10128347-12JLF
8 24 10124308-101LF 10124308-11JLF 10124308-12JLF
10 30 10121401-101LF 10121401-11JLF 10121401-12JLF
4 6 24 10125055-101LF 10125055-11JLF 10125055-12JLF
8 32 10121056-101LF 10121056-11JLF 10121056-12JLF
10 40 10126363-101LF 10126363-11JLF 10126363-12JLF
6 6 36 10125352-101LF 10125352-11JLF 10125352-12JLF
8 48 10124556-101LF 10124556-11JLF 10124556-12JLF
10 60 10127789-101LF 10127789-11JLF 10127789-12JLF
12 72 10123159-101LF 10123159-11JLF 10123159-12JLF
Click on part number for customer drawings.

Standard Backplane Vertical Headers (VH) with 2.0 mm Column Pitch

Pairs Columns

Diff Pairs


Differential Impedance

No Guide

Right Guide

Left Guide

2 6 12 10128341-101LF 10128341-11JLF 10128341-12JLF 92 Ohms
8 16 10128343-101LF 10128343-11JLF 10128343-12JLF
10 20 10128345-101LF 10128345-11JLF 10128345-12JLF
3 6 18 10128349-101LF 10128349-11JLF 10128349-12JLF
8 24 10124311-101LF 10124311-11JLF 10124311-12JLF
10 30 10121412-101LF 10121412-11JLF 10121412-12JLF
4 6 24 10127896-101LF 10127896-11JLF 10127896-12JLF
8 32 10121067-101LF 10121067-11JLF 10121067-12JLF
10 40 10126366-101LF 10126366-11JLF 10126366-12JLF
6 6 36 10128351-101LF 10128351-11JLF 10128351-12JLF
8 48 10124752-101LF 10124752-11JLF 10124752-12JLF
10 60 10127791-101LF 10127791-11JLF 10127791-12JLF
12 72 10123162-101LF 10123162-11JLF 10123162-12JLF
Click on part number for customer drawings.

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